Friday, July 1, 2016


Good Night Owl 
By Greg Pizzoli
Disney Hyperion, 2016.

Owl is going to sleep. But then he hears a “Squeek!” Owl gets out of bed and looks for the source of the distraction. Back to bed goes Owl. Young readers will spy a small mouse that tends to “squeek” around the house. In and out of bed is Owl as he keeps trying to find the source of the noise. Is it in the floor? Owl tears up the floor to find out. Is it in the roof? Owl destroys the roof to find out. As Owl annihilates his home, readers will wonder what will happen once that mouse is finally found (and will possibly remark on how crazy Owl is to destroy his home in order to find the small noise). In this Fabulous Finish tale readers who balk at night noises will likely understand Owl’s final reaction to the noise—or they will be so perplexed they will want to read the story again. Either way this is one finish that will require multiple nightly readings.

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