Thursday, June 23, 2016

FABULOUS FINISH: Grandad’s Island

Grandad’s Island 
By Benji Davies
Candlewick Press, 2015. Picture Book.

 Syd loved going to see Grandad who lived nearby. Syd knew where the key was kept and could let himself in whenever he wanted. One day when Syd went to visit, he found Grandad in the attic. Grandad wanted to show him something special: a large metal door behind a hanging sheet. When they opened the door and went through it, they found themselves on the deck of a huge ship making its way through the town out to the ocean. Grandad steered the ship a long distance out to sea until, finally, Syd saw an island. They disembarked and began to explore the island. After finding a shack and having lots of fun in the jungle, Grandad told Syd to head back home alone and that Grandad would be staying on the island from now on.

 This is a sweet story that teaches about the loss of a loved one without ever coming out and saying it. The illustrations are colorful and lively while the interactions between Syd and Grandad are touching. Although the book can be read for the imaginative story and enjoyed by anyone, it could also be a good choice for a soft introduction to death and loss.

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