Thursday, June 9, 2016


Written by Lana Wayne Koehler & Gloria G. Adams
Illustrated by Ken Min
Sterling Children’s Books, 2016. Picture Book.

A young boy would like a new pet. However, every animal he brings home makes his little sister go “AH-CHOO!” He tries a variety of animals, whose names each begin with the next letter of the alphabet, but he encounters the same problem with each animal. Finally, he finds the perfect pet that doesn’t make his sister sneeze.

A number of factors make this picture book a good choice. It is an ABC book, but also an animal book. The rhymes are fun and complement the repeated exclamation of “AH-CHOO!” making it a good read-aloud. The illustrations are wild and cartoony, yet detailed and expressive. Young children will enjoy this book, especially if they or their siblings have any animal allergies!

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