Friday, June 3, 2016

Display: Insect Poetry

The books in this display are all volumes of poetry about bugs. They are a fun way to get kids interested in the world of poetry while learning interesting facts about our smallest six-legged friends.

Poems and Paintings by Douglas Florian

Poems by J. Patrick Lewis
Photographs by Frederic B. Siskind
Illustrations by Kelly Murphy

Poems selected by Lee Bennett Hopkins
Illustrations by Will Terry

Poems by Leslie Bulion
Illustrations by Leslie Evans

Poems by Jane Yolen
Photographs by Jason Stemple

Poems by Carole Gerber
Illustrations by Eugene Yelchin

Poems and paintings by Douglas Florian

Poems and illustrations by Avis Harley

Poems by Barry Louis Polisar
Illustrations by David Clark

Poems by Paul Fleischman
Illustrations by Eric Beddows
Newbery Award Winning

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