Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Clark in the Deep Sea

Clark in the Deep Sea
By R. W. Alley
Clarion Books, 2016. Picture book.

On a rainy spring day, Clark and his three siblings are entertaining themselves quietly on the porch. But when Gretchen’s stuffed bear falls off the steps, the soggy backyard becomes an ocean and Clark embarks on a rescue mission. Facing dangers such as the hungry Fur-Shark (the family dog) and the Million-Mile Eel (the garden hose), Clark will need all his daring and a little help from his brother and sister to save poor Bear.

Written and illustrated by the veteran illustrator of the Paddington Bear books, this is a sweet and simple story about the power of imagination and the warmth of sibling companionship. The change from the light pastels of the porch scenes to the vivid colors of the imaginary ocean scenes adds some nice differentiation and drama. Watch for two new books about Clark’s siblings coming out in the fall of 2016.

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