Tuesday, April 5, 2016

My Dog, Bob

My Dog, Bob
By Richard Torrey
Holiday House, 2015. Picture book.

Like all dogs, Bob likes breakfast. He likes making it himself, that is. Pancakes, eggs, and bacon for the whole family! Bob loves to ride in the car - especially when he’s the one driving. Bob’s family is perfectly happy with their unique dog.

But then neighbor Mimi comes over with her dog, whom she claims is better than Bob. Her dog can catch a stick, sit, and bark. Bob can’t do any of those things. Will Bob’s family change their mind about him?

Both text and illustrations are simple and understated, the humor deadpan. Though simple, this clever story contains great messages about self-acceptance, the value of different individuals having different strengths, and the true relationship between humility and confidence. The simple text also means this book works great as an easy reader.

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