Monday, April 25, 2016

Hooray for Kids!

Hooray for Kids!
by Suzanne Lang
Random House, 2016. Picture Book.

Everyone is special--that is the message of this book. Each brightly colored page shows different kinds of kids and tells you what makes them unique. (Been there done that, right?) Only this book has a clever little twist to it. The kids in the pictures are all animals and the qualities that they have are those that a particular animal would actually have in real life--with hilarious results. On the page that shows kids that need a lot of sleep--a panda and a sloth are pictured front and center. The kids that can run real fast are a cheetah and gazelle racing one another. The subject matter addressed in this book is one that has been covered by past picture books a million times. What sets this delightful little book apart from all the rest of the crowd is the fantastic illustrations and the really fun unspoken stories that are being told on each page that. Young readers will want to examine each illustration with great care and interest.

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