Sunday, April 17, 2016

Face-Off! Top 10 Lists of Everything in Hockey

Face-Off! Top 10 Lists of Everything in Hockey
By Sarah Kwak
Time Inc. Books, 2015. Informational. 78 p.

Arriving just in time for the playoffs, this is a must read for any hockey fan, young or old. The lists include the obvious, like greatest players, coaches, goalies, and rivalries, but there are some very entertaining ones as well, such Stanley Cup day stories (you won’t believe some of the tales—how could you leave the Cup on the side of the road?!), terrible sweaters (I sadly admit my Ducks deserved the number one spot on that list), and hockey traditions (playoff beards, hat tricks and more). Perfect for those who just want to know a brief history of hockey so they can comment on the greatest players and games the next time they are out with friends or for those who love the game and just want to reminiscence and share their opinion to what should have made the lists.

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