Wednesday, March 30, 2016


(Ambassador, Book 2)
by William Alexander
Margaret K McElderry Books, 2015. Fiction. 264 p.
Gabriel Fuentes is the 12-year-old ambassador for the planet Earth to the Universe, chosen because of his skills in diplomacy and his ability to understand other people.  In this second adventure he is in a race against time to stop the evil Outlasts from destroying even more inhabited planets in our galaxy. He teams up with the ambassador from the the nomadic people, the Kaen, and a previous ambassador from Earth, Nadia, in a daring attempt to find out more about the Outlasts. Too late he discovers that by trying to communicate with them, he has made Earth their next target.

This is a smart and action packed new science fiction series for middle grade readers.  Alexander's world building is fresh and interesting. Readers who are tired of the hack and slash tactics of many fantasy/sci fi novels, with be pleased to find out that Gabe and his allies use observation, wits and careful handling of social situations to solve problems. This book is available from the library in print, as an ebook and as an audiobook download.

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