Friday, February 5, 2016



by Joan Bauer
Viking, 2016.  297 pgs. Fiction

     Jeremiah was a foundling - left in the break room at Computer Partners, Ltd., where he was found by Walt Lopper who adopted him. He had nothing with him but a tiny stuffed eagle, the clothes on his back (and bottom), and a note asking for Walt to take care of him. When he was three, Jeremiah contracted a virus that damaged his heart to the degree that he had to have a transplant. Now he and Walt are temporarily moving to Hillcrest, Ohio, where baseball, Jeremiah's favorite sport, is King--or maybe even Emperor. But just after Jeremiah arrives, a tragedy and a scandal essentially shut down high school baseball in Hillcrest. Jeremiah has to fight hard to get a Middle School team going.  He can't play, so he coaches. Joan Bauer is reliably funny.  Okay, really funny. Her characters are likable and sympathetic. Okay, charming. Kids who like baseball will love this book, but kids and grownups who like a good story where good people work hard to help and care for each other and get a happy ending for their trouble, will like Soar as well.

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