Monday, February 8, 2016

Dance! Dance! Underpants!

Dance! Dance! Underpants!
Ballet Cat Series
By Bob Shea
Disney Hyperion, 2016. 56 p.

In this edition of the Ballet Cat series Ballet Cat is trying to teach Butter Bear how to do super-high leaps—only Butter Bear keeps putting it off. At first Ballet Cat is understanding. She moves the chandelier that might bonk Butter Bear’s head. She helps Butter Bear get a snack and waits while she goes to the bathroom (in the woods because she is a bear). But eventually Ballet Cat comes unglued. Why won’t Butter Bear do super-high leaps?!? The answer (which involves the word “underpants”) will make readers chuckle.

This is a fun book that will get kids to laugh. Let’s face it—even the title has the word “underpants” and kids just love laughing when people say that particular word. It also shows kids that being confidant is just as important to ballet as being able to actually do the super-high leaps. (And both Butter Bear and Ballet Cat have super cute underwear.) Give this book to fans of Shea's Dinosaur vs. books or Mo Willem's Elephant and Piggie series.

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