Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Snow Treasure

Snow Treasure
By Marie McSwigan
Illustrated by André LaBlanc
Scholastic, 1942. 156 p.

In tonight’s Mother/Daughter Book Club we are talking about Snow Treasure, one of the classic historical fiction children’s chapter books published clear back in the 1940s.

Peter is a young boy growing up in Norway. His village is worried that Nazi troops will come and occupy their country—and sure enough they do. With German soldiers watching, can Peter and his friends help smuggle out hundreds of gold bars so that Hitler and his men won’t be able to use the gold against Norway? One by one each of the village children sled down a hill past the soldiers—with gold hidden on their sled. They then bury the gold and build a snowman on top so that Peter’s uncle and his fishing crew can find the gold and take it to their boat to smuggle to America.

This is an adventurous story where children prove that they too can be as brave and loyal as their parents who are fighting in WWII. Peter and his friends are constantly in danger, yet the German soldiers never suspect that little children can do something so great. If you like adventure stories (that are calm enough for children), historical stories, and stories where children are the great heroes—then you should check out this classic tale.

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