Friday, January 29, 2016

Lenny & Lucy

Lenny & Lucy
By Philip C. Stead Illustrated by Erin E. Stead
Roaring Brook Press, 2015. Picture Book.

Peter and his father move into a house just over a bridge surrounded by dark woods. The woods make Peter a bit uneasy, not knowing what may be hiding in them. He and his beloved dog Henry decide they need protection from whatever might be lurking in the woods. Peter gets to work creating Lenny, a man made out of pillows, blankets, and chair cushions to guard the bridge. Peter and Henry stand back and admire their work and are sure Lenny will do a great job protecting them. Watching Lenny from their window, Peter and Henry begin to worry if Lenny is lonely, outside all by himself with no one to talk to. Peter knows exactly what to do and begins constructing Lucy, a companion for Lenny. With the help of Lenny, Lucy, and a surprising new friend along the way, Peter and Henry begin to realize that maybe the woods aren't as scary as they seem. Readers will be drawn into this book by its charming illustrations with grey-scale backdrops and pops of faded yellows, blues, and oranges highlighting main elements of the story. The text has a cozy, relaxed feeling and the dark woods add an element of mystery and curiosity. Readers get to watch as Lenny and Lucy come to life in Peter's eyes and see how they help him overcome his fear of the woods and cope with his new and unfamiliar home.

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