Wednesday, January 27, 2016

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Seymour Simon

A science teacher for 23 years, Seymour Simon began writing for children in the early 1960s and has become one of the world’s most prolific writer of science books for younger children with more than 250 titles.

Seymour Simon’s Extreme Earth Records
Explores the extreme parts of the planet, from the driest desert and the snowiest mountains to the deepest depths of the ocean and the highest waterfalls.

Knights and Castles
Knights had to be very strong just to walk around - they were wearing armor that weighed 50 pounds or more. Charge into Knights and Castles to SeeMore!

Strange Mysteries from Around the World
Features nine strange-but-true stories in which fish and frogs fall from the sky, a treasure remains buried despite its exact location being known, and a crystal skull is framed by a halo of light.

Our Solar System
Takes readers on an interplanetary tour from the sun to the ever-mysterious Mars, and then, thanks to the Voyager missions, to the planets beyond.

Coral Reefs
An introduction to the ecology and wildlife of coral reefs and islands.

Award-winning science writer Seymour Simon invites readers to explore the world of butterflies and moths with fascinating facts and stunning full-color photographs. Learn where to find butterflies and moths, how to observe them in nature, and how to plant your very own butterfly garden.

Seymour Simon’s Extreme Oceans
Introduces readers to the most extreme environments, animals, plants, and weather in the ocean!

Details the life cycles of frogs and toads while introducing different species that can be found around the world.

Super Storms
Examines super storms and their potential destructiveness, including thunderstorms, hailstone showers, tornadoes, hurricanes, and typhoons.

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