Monday, November 23, 2015

Tommy Can't Stop

Tommy Can't Stop
By Tim Federle
Illustrated by Mark Fearing
Disney Hyperion, 2015. Picture Book.

Tommy can’t keep still. He likes to bop, bounce, kick, hurdle, and clomp everywhere he goes. His family tires of his antics and tries to come up with a plan to tire Tommy out, but none of them work until his sister suggests tap class. At first he refuses, but then he realizes that here he can jump, leap, and stomp all he wants. Tommy finds a place where he belongs and everyone is happy, especially Tommy.

Fedrele’s author blurb in the back says best what Tommy Can’t Stop is about—“once you put tap shoes on, you are no longer stomping around causing mayhem—you are dancing around causing art.” A funny picture book to share with your active little one.

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