Saturday, November 21, 2015

Sonya's Chickens

Sonya’s Chickens
By Phoebe Wahl
Tundra Books, 2015. Picture book.

One day, Sonya’s father brings home three baby chicks and gives her the responsibility of raising them. Week by week she carefully tends to them and finds joy in being a “good mama.” But one night a fox steals one of her precious chickens and she is distraught. Her father comforts her and explains that, even though it doesn’t take away the sadness, it helps to understand that the fox is not evil but simply trying to care for its own.

“You did everything you could to make sure your chicks were happy and had full bellies and a warm place to sleep. Because you love your chicks like I love you. The fox is no different. He loves his kits too. So even though it’s sad for us, we can understand why he did it.”

At the end, one of Sonya’s brown eggs hatches a new baby chick, with a new promise of life and love. A tender, cozy story to help children understand the circle of life, with wonderfully warm and homey illustrations.

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