Monday, August 31, 2015

Ready for School, Murphy?

Ready for School, Murphy?
By Brendan Murphy
Disney Hyperion, 2015. Picture Book.

Reminiscent of Shel Silverstein’s poem “Sick”, Ready for School, Murphy shares the story of a boy who is worried about all the things that could go wrong at school and therefore tries to convince his father he should not attend because he is unwell. When his father suggests that they should go to the doctor's to get a shot or trade him in for a better model, Murphy gives up and decides to get ready to go to school--only to find out that it is Saturday.

The relatable storyline and humorous illustrations will have children wanting to have the story read repeatedly. The author/illustrator departs from the standard picture book format by having the story start from the inside cover and continue all the way to the back cover, leaving no white space. Aside from its entertainment value, the illustrated depictions of Murphy's concerns make this a great discussion opener for talking with a child about what they might be worried about at school or in other situations.

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