Saturday, August 22, 2015

Mr. Postmouse's Rounds

Cover image for Mr. Postmouse's rounds

by Marianne Dubuc
Kids Can Press, 2015. Picture book.

Mr. Postmouse loads up his wagon with packages and goes from house to house to deliver them. As he visits penguins in their igloo, an octopus under the ocean, and bats in their cave, each page shows a wonderful cross-section of the animal’s home, full of intricate details and visual jokes. For example, the bats have an upside down painting hanging on their wall, the penguins have a bathtub full of ice, the bear has a pipe connecting the beehive on his roof to his honeypot, and there are “wanted” posters for the masked magpie who has filched all the shiny things. Parents and children will enjoy poring over these pages again and again.

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