Monday, June 1, 2015

The Evertree

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The Evertree
Spirit Animals #7
by Marie Lu
Scholastic, 2015.  188 pgs.  Fantasy

     Seventh and final installment in the Spirit Animals saga, Marie Lu's The Evertree is a frantic but fitting conclusion to this fine series for tweens. Can't tell too much without giving too much away, but the four young greencloaks are finally reunited in their battle to defeat the Conquerors and to save the land of Erdas. Many seemingly impossible challenges confront them - most of the talismans they have painstakingly assembled have been lost to a terrible betrayal; Kovo the Ape, most fearsome of all the Great Beasts is about to be loosed, and creepy Great Snake Garathon continues to control Meilin at seemingly random intervals which deprives her friends of her invaluable help. And yet . . . surpassing courage and some pretty much hard to believe good luck carry the day for our young heroes. This book could have used a better editing job (the past tense of "wind," meaning to meander, is "wound," not "winded," for instance, but that is pretty much par for the course for the era of editing by spellcheck.  Still, this is a great little series, and one hopes to see some spinoffs of a sequel.

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