Thursday, June 4, 2015

Super Book: The Amazing Spider-Man: The Vulture

Cover image for The amazing Spider-man. [Vol. 2], The vulture 

Written by Joe Caramagna
Illustrated by Francesca Ciregia & Elena Casagrande
Marvel Worldwide, Inc, 2012. Fiction.

This “Young Readers Novel” takes place shortly after Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider and acquired the superpowers that he chose to put to use to fight crime as the Amazing Spider-Man. While Spider-Man is still learning how to use his powers, out-of-work scientist Adrian Toomes dons his flight suit to rob a bank as the supervillain the Vulture. Peter Parker is also struggling to help Aunt May pay their rent to avoid getting evicted. Spidey battles the Vulture over New York City in this exciting second installment in a series full of the web-slinger’s characteristic wit and crime-fighting moves. All written by Joe Caramanga, who is no stranger to writing for Marvel superheroes, this series is an excellent transition for readers making the shift from comic books to novels. Caramanga and the rest of the creative team have backgrounds in comics and they do a great job translating comic book-types of stories into short but full novels. The books include a brief comic version of the novel at the end of the book as well to further aid in the transition.   

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