Saturday, June 6, 2015

Joshua Dread

Joshua Dread
by Lee Bacon
Delacorte Press, 2012. Fiction. 258 p.

It might be cool to have superheroes as parents, but what if your parents were super villains instead? Josh loves his parents, the Dread Duo, but is not really pleased that they are always working on a new plan to destroy the world. Being the son of super villains means Josh has to keep his identity a secret. That becomes increasingly more difficult when his own super power starts to emerge. And then there is the new girl, Sophie, who seems to have a super power, too. Are they destined to become friends, or arch enemies? As his power grows, Joshua must decide whether he is going to follow in his parents' footprints and become a villain, or use his power for good. This is a fun new twist on the very popular "Super Hero" theme. Josh, Sophie, and their "ungyfted" friend, Milton, are all likeable characters and Bacon includes a large helping of action with a healthy portion of humor on the side.

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