Saturday, May 16, 2015

My Grandma's a Ninja

My Grandma’s a Ninja
By Todd Tarpley
Illustrated by Danny Chatzikonstantinou
NorthSouth Books, 2015. Picture Book.

Every grandma is different, but Ethan’s more than most, his grandma is a Ninja. They just don’t walk to school, they zip line. For show and tell he has his grandma show the class karate. What at first makes him cool having a ninja grandma in the end upsets his teammates when her ninja moves disrupts their soccer game. He too gets mad and tells her to be normal. In the end, Ethan discovers he loves his grandma’s unique ways, and grandma continues on being herself.

A humorous picture book about accepting who you are that children will love to read (even if their grandma is not a ninja).

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