Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Display: Your New Baby

The New Baby
By Stephen Cartwright
The Bunn family gets a new baby and learns how to take care of it.

I’m a Big Sister
By Joanna Cole
There is a new baby in the house, but big sister learns how to help, and can do many things baby can't do, like eating pizza and ice cream.

Soy Una Hermana Mayor
By Joanna Cole
A sister enumerates the joys of welcoming a new baby to the family and the advantages of already being "big."

Soy Un Hermano Mayor
By Joanna Cole
A child observes all the things that his new baby brother does and gives all the reasons why he loves being a big brother.

My New Baby
By Rachel Fuller
A new addition to the family is exciting, but the experience can also be worrying and confusing for siblings. Coping with the new situations and emotions that arise can be very challenging. This series of four board books deals with the anticipation of waiting for the new baby, the excitement of the arrival itself, and the beginnings of the special relationship between siblings. The simple conversational text and lively illustrations are carefully designed to encourage dialogue between reader and child.

Hi New Baby
By Robbie H. Harris
A father recalls his young daughter's first reactions to her new baby brother.

Big Sister Sarah
By Pauline Oud Sarah is excited about her new baby sister, until the new baby gets all the attention and the presents.

Big Brother Now
By Annette Sheldon
Jake describes how his life changed when his baby sister, Abby, arrived, and how he learned to be a good big brother.

Big Sister Now
By Annette Sheldon
A little girl gets used to sharing her parents with her baby brother and realizes there are some benefits to being a big sister now.

Mission New Baby
By Susan Wood
A secret agent's guide to welcoming a new sibling.

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