Monday, April 6, 2015

Display: Wild Wild West

Life in the Wild West
By Arthur K. Britton
Describes what it was like to live in the West during the last half of the nineteenth century, covering outlaws, cowboys and ranch life, Native Americans, and more.

Bad Guys: True Stories of Legendary Gunslingers, Sidewinders, Fourflushers, Drygulchers, Bushwhackers, Freebooters, and Downright Bad Guys and Gals of the Wild West
By Andrew Glass
Relates the exploits of several famous outlaws in frontier America such as Wild Bill Hickok, Calamity Jane, and Doc Holliday.

You Wouldn't Want to Live in a Wild West Town!: Dust You'd Rather Not Settle
By Peter Hicks
Looks through the eyes of the fictional marshal of an imaginary town called Dustville to show what life was like on the Great Plains just after the Civil War.

The Wild West: An Interactive History Adventure
By Allison Lassieur
Describes the people and events of the age of the Wild West in the year 1876. The reader's choices reveal the historical details from the perspective of an outlaw, a lawman, and a fortune-seeker in Deadwood, Dakota Territory.

Cowboys and the Wild West
By Hilarie N. Staton
Investigates how cowboys in the nineteenth century American West lived and worked, and examines the legend of the cowboy that continues to the present day.

Why the West Was Wild
By Wayne Swanson
This history shows just why, for a fifty year period in the 19th century, the American West was an extraordinary place. Dramatic storytelling are combined with engaging graphics and archival photograph.

Wild Women of the Wild West
By Jonah Winter
Presents an account of frontier life for women in the American West through brief biographies of fifteen famous individuals, including Calamity Jane, Belle Starr, Nellie Cashman, Mary Fields, and Annie Oakley.

Explore the Wild West!
By Anita Yasuda
Learn about the explorers who mapped the American West, Native Americans, gold miners, cowboy culture, cattle drives, wild West legends, frontier towns, peace keepers, lawbreakers, and more. Includes 25 projects designed to develop a better understanding of the history of the West in the 1800s.

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