Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Cover image for Waggers
by Stacy Nyikos
Illustrated by Tamara Anegón
Sky Pony Press, 2014. Picture Book

Waggers has the longest, waggiest tale a dog ever had.  When Waggers gets excited and wags his tale, disasters happen.  The cookie dough, the lamp, the curtain, or whatever is nearest goes flying.  Moni and Michael love their dog, tail or not, but after a while Mom and Dad decide that their house can't stand one more wag.  Waggers must be sent back to the animal shelter. On Wagger's last night at home, Mom and Dad let Michael and Moni sleep outside with their dog and discover that Wagger's tail does have some good uses. Wagger's story is told with simple text and funny, action filled, illustrations. Getting used to a new dog is not easy for children or adults. This book encourages young readers, and their parents, to be patient and look for the good in any new situation. 

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