Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Black Stars

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The Black Stars 
By Dan Krokos
Starscape, 2014. Fiction. 304 p.

In his first adventure (The Planet Thieves, 2013) Mason Stark and his cadet crew saved earth from a terrible war with the Tremists. Now the Earth Space Command wants Mason to attend the Tremist Rhadgast school as a gesture of peace, but also to act as a spy to check out rumors that someone at the school is developing a weapon to use against Earth. At the school Mason and fellow human cadet, Tom, must overcome prejudice and earn the Tremist's trust.  A threat from the students' common enemy, the Fangborn, unite the teens just in time for them to face their greatest challenge yet. This is a new, fast paced, science fiction series for tweens.  Mason is a likable hero, and the other characters are interesting and well developed. The setting is very like the futurist world of Star Trek.  This is a great book to give to kids who have enjoyed the adventures of Percy Jackson or Alex Rider.

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