Friday, February 13, 2015

The Princess Who Had No Kingdom

 Cover image for The princess who had no kingdom

by Ursula Jones
Albert Whitman & Co, 2014
Picture Book

A princess without a kingdom travels the countryside with her pony, Pretty, making a little money by carrying packages in her cart. Along the way she meets an arrogant duchess, a spoiled prince, and a lowly court jester who befriends her and makes her laugh. Will the princess find her kingdom, and what kind of kingdom will it be?
This is a great choice for readers who love princesses but are ready for one with a little more substance and modernity. This princess is pretty and feminine, but she’s also resourceful, confident, and a hard worker. By no means a passive heroine, she doesn’t waste time feeling self-pity because she is poor and snubbed by the aristocracy. She remains optimistic, proactively pursues her goals, and ends up rejecting riches and status in favor of a true love based on friendship, humor, and shared dreams.
Delicate and beautifully colored illustrations (mostly pinks, red, and greens) mixed with black cutout silhouettes complete this sweet tale.

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