Saturday, January 3, 2015

Mrs. Mo's Monster

Cover image for Mrs. Mo's monster
Mrs. Mo's Monter
by Paul Beavis
Gecko Press, 2014. Picture Book

When Mrs. Mo answers a knock at the door, in runs a monster without even saying "hello." How rude! The monster chews on the paint brush.  He chews on the string.  He chews on the entire contents of the attic.  When he is done chewing, he finally decides he can try something new and soon discovers it is more fun to help than destroy. This book is a great length and format for reading aloud.  The short text is creatively type set and illustrations are bold and funny.  Young readers/listeners will enjoy deciphering clues about what Mrs. Mo is planning.  Although the story doesn't feel didactic, parents or grandparents could use this book as a segue into a discussion of how a child should behave when visiting someone else's home.

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