Thursday, January 15, 2015

Display: Wild About Reading at Every Level

I Spy Fly Guy
By Tedd Arnold
While playing hide-and-seek with Buzz, Fly Guy is taken away by a garbage man.

Diego’s Baby Polar Bear Rescue
By Lara Bergen
Diego helps two hungry baby polar bears to get back to their mother.

Diego Saves a Butterfly
By Lara Bergen Diego rescues a butterfly from the cave she hid in when Baby Jaguar scared her.

Butterflies and Moths
By Nic Bishop
A close-up look at moths and butterflies transforming from wriggly caterpillars into beautiful winged insects.

By Nic Bishop
Nic Bishop's photographs show all different kinds of frogs, big ones, very tiny ones, frogs with beautiful colors of skin, and one frog you can see inside of.

The Butterfly House
By Eve Bunting
With the help of her grandfather, a little girl makes a house for a larva and watches it develop before setting it free, and every summer after that butterflies come to visit her.

Outdoor Surprises
By Eve Buntings
A beginning reader book containing three stories featuring Frog and his friends where Frog joins a singing group, helps rescue a baby bird, and is scared by a nighttime story.

Diary of a Fly
By Doreen Cronin
A young fly discovers, day by day, that there is a lot to learn about being an insect, including the dangers of flyswatters and that heroes come in all shapes and sizes.

The Things with Wings
By Gregory J. Holch
Twelve-year-old Newton and his classmate Vanessa, who is obsessed with butterflies and flying, undergo significant changes as they try to discover why the emerald rainbow butterflies return to Angel Falls every spring.

The Quest Begins
By Erin Hunter Three young bears of different species--one black, one polar, and one grizzly--travel on a perilous quest to the Northern Lights, escorting a shape-shifting grizzly cub whose destiny will affect them all.

Flora the Frog
By Shirley Isherwood
When picked to be a frog in the class play, Flora does not like her role until she spies real frogs jumping and sparkling in the pond.

The Polar Bear Scientists
By Peter Lourie
The Polar Bear Project conducts ongoing research on polar bear populations and habitats in the Southern Beaufort Sea in Barrow, Alaska. Now under the leadership of George Durner, the Project has collected four decades of detailed, valuable data about how polar bears are responding to sea ice changes in the Arctic.

Zippy’s Tall Tale
By Olivia Moss
Zippy, a migrating butterfly, has lots of exciting stories to tell! But when Dazzle joins him on a trip to the mountains, she learns that Zippy's stories aren't what they seem. Could his tall tales land them in a ton of trouble?

The Prince of the Pond
By Donna Jo Napoli Having been turned into a frog by a hag, a frog-prince makes the best of his new life as he mates, raises a family, and instills a new kind of thinking into his frog family.

Polar Bears Past Bedtime
By Mary Pope Osborne
Their magic tree house takes Jack and Annie to the Arctic, where a polar bear leads them onto very thin ice.

By Kristin Petrie
Discusses the physiology and life cycle of flies coupled with unusual facts and specific behavior examples of these incredible insects.

Joey Fly, Private Eye in Creepy Crawly Crime
By Aaron Reynolds
Have you ever had one of those moments? You know--you're trying to find a stolen diamond pencil box for your beautiful butterfly customer, your mosquito witness won't give you any information, and your clumsy scorpion assistant has just tampered with your only bit of evidence? Joey Fly has those moments a lot.

Insect Ninja
By Aaron Reynolds
Young Tiger Moth and his friend, Kung Pow, go into action to find a valuable painting that disappeared from a closet at school.

Pete Bogg: King of the Frogs
By Scott Sonneborn
Pete Bogg is a twelve-year-old half-human, half-frog who has lived in the swamp with his frog father his whole life, but because of his human half he does not really fit in with the other frogs in school--so he sets out to experience the human world and find out if he can manage to live in both.

Fly Frenzy
By Ali Sparkes Mad scientist Petty Potts asks her neighbors, twins Josh and Danny, to help with her experiments and when her SWITCH spray turns them into flies, they are able to investigate the sabotage of their mother's garden.

Cub’s Big World
By Sarah L. Thomson In this picture book about exploring the big snowy world, a tiny polar bear learns that she can be brave--especially with Mom close by.

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