Monday, January 12, 2015

A Possum's Tail

 Cover image for A possum's tail
A Possum's Tail
by Gabby Dawnay
and Alex Barrow
Abrams, 2014. Picture Book

Samuel Drew is off to the zoo with his wooden dog in tow.  He wants to see the opossums and once he sees them, he starts for home.  Little does he know that five opossum babies have latched onto the tail of his wooden dog and are following him.  Once Samuel arrives home and makes the happy discovery that his favorite zoo animals have come with him, they all have a picnic together.  But the opossums don't stay long.  They need to get back to their enclosure, and they find an amazing way to travel there. This is a charming picture book first published in England. It is written in well crafted verse, and illustrated with understated watercolor and pencil cartoons that have a very British feel.

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