Monday, January 12, 2015

A Letter for Leo - Sergio Ruzzier
A Letter for Leo
by Sergio Ruzzier
Clarion Books, 2014. Picture Book

Leo enjoys his life as a mailman for a small town. However, he wishes someone would send him mail. One day he hears a loud "Cheep" come from the mailbox. He discovers a young bird who appears to be separated from his family. Leo immediately takes care of him. "Cheep" and Leo grow close and do many fun activities together. Time passes and Cheep is ready to go off on his own. After a heavyhearted goodbye, Leo returns to normal life. It's not long until Leo is ecstatic to receive a letter from Cheep.

The sweet and slightly whimsical illustrations match the tone of the story. While the conflict is introduced as Leo's desire to receive a letter, Ruzzier doesn't focus on this as much as developing the endearing relationship between Leo and Cheep. Ruzzier successfully portrays the joy in making a new friend, the sorrow in a friend moving, and the joy in long distance communication. 

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