Friday, December 12, 2014

Johnny Boo Zooms to the Moon!

 Cover image for Johnny Boo zooms to the Moon
Johnny Boo Zooms to the Moon!
by James Kochalka
Top Shelf Productions, 2014. Comics, 40 p.

In this sixth adventure of the "best little ghost in the world", Johnny decides to skateboard to the moon.  At fist his friend, Squiggle, tries to carry him up to the moon, but without much success. Then some stars decide to help.  They take the place of wheels on the skateboard, and soon Johnny is zooming to the moon.  There he meets a very cool girl ghost, has an encounter with an ice cream monster, and then ends up back on earth, safe and sound. But did his awesome moon adventure really happen, or was it all just a dream?  The Johnny Boo books are charming comic style picture books, appropriate for younger comics fans.  Kochalka's color cartoon illustrations, simple and imaginative story lines, and large font text make this series inviting to even the most reluctant reader.

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