Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Display: Eyewitness Books

By Simon Adams
Describes the Titanic, including its accommodations, in detail and provides an account of its sinking in the North Atlantic in April, 1912.

By Juliet Clutton-Brock
Text and photographs present the anatomy, behavior, habitats, and other aspects of wild and domestic cats.

By Juliet Clutton-Brock
Text and photographs highlight the evolutionary history of the dog family, their domestication, anatomy, behavior, and breeds.

By Christopher Gravett
Looks behind fortress walls to explore how they were built to house hundreds of people and animals, the important rooms, the people who lived in them, and what castle life was like.

By Christopher Gravett
Be an eyewitness to what life was really like for a knight in medieval times -- from battles to banquets and from jousting to hunting. See how a knight put on his armor. Find out why knights decorated their shields. Discover deadly weapons known as caltrops.

By Ned Halley
Text and photographs depict different aspects of farming through the ages including the equipment, domestic animals, crops, and the future of farming.

Ancient Egypt
By George Hart
Presents a photo essay on ancient Egypt and the people who lived there, documented through the mummies, pottery, weapons, and other objects they left behind.

By David Lambert
Discusses the environment in which dinosaurs lived, the characteristics of different types of dinosaurs, the disappearance of these creatures, and how scientists learn from their fossil remains.

Medieval Life
By Andrew Langley
An illustrated look at various aspects of life in medieval Europe, covering everyday life, religion, royalty, and more.

By Richard Platt
This book presents information about men and women spies throughout history as well as about the tools and equipment they used in espionage and intelligence service.

By James Putman
Documents the history and significance of mummies, both natural and man-made, and describes the principles and ceremonies associated with them.

Space Exploration
By Carole Stott
Describes rockets, exploratory vehicles, and other technological aspects of space exploration, satellites, space stations, and the life and work of astronauts.

Crystal and Gem
By R. F. Symes
Describes the basic shapes of crystals and other aspects of crystallography, including how they form in nature, how crystals are studied and identified, what gives them their amazing color, and how they are used in everyday life.

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