Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Shadow Throne

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The Shadow Throne
The Ascendance Trilogy: book 3 
by Jennifer Nielsen,
Scholastic, 2014. Fiction, 317 p.

Jaron has finally won the respect of his kingdom, but his challenges are not over yet.  Avenia has allied with two other kingdoms and are marching on Carthya.  Carthya is greatly outnumbered, and Imogene has been captured and is being held by Vargan as bate. The odds seem insurmountable,  but Jaron still has a few tricks up his sleeves. Will they be enough to save Carthya, and the people Jaron cares about most?  This is the satisfying ending to a very popular trilogy.  Jaron, with his wit and roguish ways is a particularly endearing character.  If some of the coincidences in the book are perhaps a little too convenient, young readers will be willing to overlook them for the sake of the fast paced and exciting plot. Great of kids ages 10+ who love action, adventure and intrigue.

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