Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Super Red Riding Hood

Cover image for Super Red Riding Hood

Super Red Riding Hood
by Claudia Dávila
Kids Can Press, 2014. Picture Book

Ruby loves the color red.  She loves red food, red boots, but most of all she loves her red cloak.  When she puts it on she become Super Red Riding Hood.  When her mother sends Ruby out to play in the yard, she meets an unexpected visitor, the Wolf.  The Wolf blocks Ruby's way home, but Ruby uses her super powers of running and dodging to get away.  Finally She uses her greatest super power, kindness, to befriend the wolf.  In the guise of a fractured fairytale, Dávila effectively demonstrates a variety of strategies for dealing with a bully.  The illustrations are stylized and colorful and reflect Dávila's graphic novel background.

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