Monday, November 3, 2014

Can I Come Too?

Cover image for Can I come too?
Can I Come Too?
By Brian Patten
Illustrated by Nicola Bayley
Peachtree Publishers, 2013, 2014. Picture Book

Mouse may be small, but she is looking for a big adventure.  In fact, she is in search of the biggest animal in the world. She first meets a frog and asks him if he is the biggest animal.  The frog answers that he is not, but would like to see it and joins mouse on her quest.  They meet a bird, a cat, an otter, and other animals, each progressively bigger, but none the biggest.  Each animal joins the mouse in her search until they reach the ocean.  There, at last, they find the biggest animal in the world. The realistic illustrations, done with colored pencil, are amazingly rendered.  Each page is a lovely combination of balanced color and careful detail.This is a simple and appealing adventure tale for the youngest readers and listeners.

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