Monday, November 10, 2014

Who's Next Door?

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Who's Next Door?
by Mayuko Kishira
illustrated by Jun Takabatake
Owl Kids, 2014. Picture Book

Chicken lives a quiet, well ordered life in house with a red roof.  One day someone moves into the house with the blue roof next door. Chicken is eager to meet his new neighbor. He waits and watches, but can't see any one moving around in the house. Frustrated, Chicken goes to bed, and as soon as he does, Owl from the blue house wakes up.  Owl wants to meet his new neighbor too, but Chicken is no where to be seen.  Will the two ever meet? This story, translated from Japanese, is written with simple, straight forward text. The illustrations are simple too: lighthearted cartoons done with bright primary colors.  Children will enjoy this tale that confirms that a good friendship is worth a little extra effort.

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