Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Beautiful Yetta's Hanukkah Kitten

Cover image for Beautiful Yetta's Hanukkah kitten
Beautiful Yetta's Hanukkah Kitten
by Daniel Pinkwater
illustrated Jill Pinkwater
Feiwel and Friends, 2014. Picture Book

Yetta the chicken lives in the trees of Brooklyn and mothers a whole group of escaped parrots.  One winter she finds a kitten shivering in the cold.  She wants to help it, but doesn't know how.  She and the parrots decide to take the kitten to a kindly Jewish woman they know.  She welcomes the kitten, and treats the assembled birds to Hanukkah latkas. This is the second Beautiful Yetta story.  In the first she falls off a farm cart, finds herself in the city, and meets the parrots.  Yetta is a Yiddish and everything she says is printed in English and Yiddish, with a pronunciation provided below. The parrots' dialog is printed in English and Spanish with pronunciation beneath. The illustrations, done with marker and ink pen, are very child friendly. This is a cute holiday story about extending kindness to those in need.

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