Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Stork's Landing

Cover image for Stork's Landing
Stork's Landing
by Tami Lehman-Wilzig
illustrated by Anna Shuttlewood
Kar Ben Publishing

When a stork gets tangled in a fisherman's net and breaks her wing, Maya knows what to do. Maya's father contacts a veterinarian, but the wing cannot be fixed.  Maya and her father make a nest for the bird and try to help it lead a full life.  Later, when another stork abandons its nest, Maya and her father help the wounded stork become an adopted mother to the abandoned chicks. With simple text Lehman-Wilzig introduces several interesting concepts in an accessible way, from wildlife rescue to adopted parenthood and living with disabilities. Shuttlewood's painterly illustrations are skillfully done in translucent watercolors.

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