Friday, October 3, 2014

Miss Brooks' Story Nook

 Cover image for Miss Brooks' Story Nook : (where tales are told and ogres are welcome)
Miss Brooks' Story Nook
by Barbara Bottner
illustrated by Michael Emberley
Alfred A. Knopf, 2014. picture book

When the lights suddenly go off during Miss Brooks' story time, she invites the children to make up their own story.  Missy has been having trouble with a bully on her street, so she suggests the story be about an ogre with a big snake.  Miss Brooks walks her and the other children through the steps of creating a story with a plot, characters, and a satisfying ending. The final story in which the ogre's snake frightens away the bully helps Missy take care of her own bully problem. This is a companion book to the popular Miss Brooks Loves Books with the same quirky style illustrations and lively format.  Kids will enjoy the fun and silly tale while they learn a little about how to create a story of their own.

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