Saturday, October 11, 2014

Goldie Takes a Stand: Golda Meir's First Crusade

 Cover image for Goldie Takes a Stand : Golda Meir’s First Crusade
Goldie Takes a Stand: Golda Meir's First Crusade
by Barbara Krasner
illustrated by Kelsey Garrity-Riley
Kar Ben Publishing, 2014. Picture Book Biography

Golda Meir was Prime Minister of Israel from 1969 to 1974, but when she was a girl she went to school in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Even as a child, she got involved with social causes.  This little picture book biography tells the story of how she organized the children in her school to raise money for text books.  The story is written in first person, and the simple text conveys the strength of Meir's personality.  Garrity-Riley's gouache and collage illustrations use historically appropriate patterns for back ground and clothing that suggest the time period of the story.  This is an inspirational tale that gives incite into the origins of a amazing world leader.

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