Monday, October 13, 2014

Five Nice Mice and the Great Car Race

 Cover image for 5 nice mice and the great car race
Five Nice Mice and the Great Car Race
by Chisato Tashiro
Michael Neugebauer Publishing, 2014, Picture Book

The five nice mice are excited when they see a poster announcing and upcoming car race.  Each of  the mice have their own skills, and they combine efforts to create a homemade, battery operated car to enter into the race.  Their main competition is a snazzy, store-bought, remote controlled car. Does  their home made jalopy have any chance to win the race?

Originally published in Hong Kong, there is much here to delight young readers.  Each of the little mice has their own personality and appearance.  The illustrations are detailed and interesting and the story, though longer than some picture books, is fast paced and exciting. In many picture books about mice, the mice are never seen by the humans, but in this one the mouse cars are out in the open, zig zagging through crowds of humans, trying not to get stepped on. Tashiro's tale will appeal to mice lovers and anyone who likes a thrilling ride.

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