Friday, September 26, 2014

Ribbit! - Rodrigo Folgueira & Poly Bernatene
by Rodrigo Folgueira
Illustrated by Poly Bernatene
Knopf Books for Young Readers, 2013. 32 pages.

As a group of frogs are minding their own business, a pig joins them. The pig says "Ribbit!" The frogs are aghast. Is this pig trying to mock them? Other woodland creatures come by to observe as the pig continues to say "Ribbit!" They talk amongst themselves about the pig who isn't doing what he ought to. Finally, they seek out the wise old beetle to tell them how they should deal with this pig. The beetle helps them realize that maybe the pig is just looking for new friends. At this point, the pig has disappeared. Is it too late for a new friendship to begin?

Folgueira's sweet and lightly humorous book deals with judgement and gossiping in a way young children can understand without being too emotional or heavy. The pig who goes out of his way to make new friends is a great role model. I love that despite the rejection he receives, the pig keeps up his mission to make new friends. This book is a great for reading aloud and following up with a discussion. Bernatene's textured illustrations are lovely.  

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