Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Lulu and the Witch Baby

Cover image for Lulu and the witch baby
Lulu and the Witch Baby 
by Jane O'Connor
illustrated by Bella Sinclair
Harper, 2014. unpaged easy reader

Everyone is excited to have a new little Witch Baby in the house, everyone except Lulu. She is not happy that her Mama Witch and Papa Witch don't have as much time to spend with her. She is amazed that Witch Baby can cause so many problems without getting in trouble. Lulu wishes her Witch Baby would just disappear.  Then one day, Mama leaves Lulu alone with the baby.  Will Lulu try her magic disappearing spell on Witch Baby? The simple story is illustrated with cartoons that are reminiscent of the style of popular children's TV shows. As Halloween approaches this is a great book by the author of Fancy Nancy for an early reader who might be having trouble getting used to having a younger sibling.

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