Tuesday, September 9, 2014

If You Were a Dog

If You Were a Dog
by Clare Hibbert
Smart Apple Press, 2014. Nonfiction

If you were a dog your hearing and night vision would be better than a human's. Your sense of smell would be 40 times that of a human. You would feel loyalty to your "pack" and communicate with a combination of sounds and body language.  Hibbert includes these and many other interesting facts in this new nonfiction book.  The book explores dog behavior and characteristics, and contains tips that can help humans be better dog owners. Every page is illustrated with photographs of dogs doing the things discussed in the book.  The text is printed in large font and there are only two or three short paragraphs per page. Hibbert uses some terminology that might be unfamiliar to a younger audience, but includes a helpful glossary at then end of the book. This is a good choice for a new or perspective dog owner who wants to better understand their pet.

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