Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Go: A Kidd's guide to graphic design - Chip Kidd


Go: A Kidd's guide to graphic design
by Chip Kidd
Workman Publishing, 2013. 160 pages.

For kids 10 and up who have an interest in art and/or graphic design, this is the perfect book. Chip Kidd (a brilliant graphic designer) explains the power and why behind graphic design, then shows how to use good form, typography, content, and concept as a designer. The last chapter gives 10 design projects that are doable, fun, and useful. The book itself has great design elements and the pages are filled with visual examples. Even though it is 160 pages, the writing is engaging and doesn't feel long or textbookish at all. I love books that empowers kids to start developing skills that can help them with future careers, and Go does that without a doubt. 

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