Monday, September 29, 2014

Fly Away

Cover image for Fly away
Fly Away
by Patricia MacLachlan
Margaret K McElderry Books, 2014. Fiction 108p

Lucy and her family are visiting North Dakota to help their Aunt whose house is threatened by the rising flood waters of a nearby river. Lucy is very close to her little brother, Teddy.  He doesn't mind that she cannot carry a tune, even though the rest of the family is very musical, even Teddy.  No one knows that he comes into her room every night and sings a nursery song to her. It is their little secret until the little boy disappears at the peak of a storm and Lucy has to use her embarrassing singing voice to try to find him.

Ms MacLachlan is a lyric writer. This isn't a long book, but, with a economy of words, the author paints very real a vivid characters and settings.  The relationships between Lucy and Teddy, and between Lucy's parents and Aunt Frankie are warm and sweet. This is a lovely new offering from a Newbery winning author.

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