Friday, August 22, 2014

The Lion and the Mouse

Cover image for The lion and the mouse
The Lion and the Mouse
By Jenny Broom
Illustrated by Nahta Nój
Templar Books, 2013. Picture Book

There are many versions of the old Aesop's fable, The Lion and the Mouse.  This one features an unusually friendly lion.  After deciding to let the mouse go, he also helps her get the berry she was trying to reach when the lion woke. Of course, the mouse is able to return the favor.  The text is very brief and is printed in large, easy-to-read font. The book is illustrated with bright, stylized pictures that feature dye-cut windows on each page.  The extra novelty of the holes, and the completely nonthreatening portrayal of the lion makes this a good version of the story for the very youngest readers/listeners.

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