Monday, August 4, 2014

Pomelo's Big Adventure

Cover image for Pomelo's big adventure
Pomelo's Big Adventure
by Ramona Badescu
illustrated by Benjamin Chaud
Enchanted Lion Books, 2014. unpaged picture book

In this forth book about Pomelo, the small garden elephant, he leaves his beloved garden to go on adventure.  Along the way he meets friends, and those who are not so friendly.  He finds excitement and challenges along the way. As he finds the courage to continue on he learns more about the world, and himself. The Pomelo adventures are translated from French, and have a very European feel.  Much of the story is told through the pictures, with few textural clues. The illustrations have stylized, almost Dr. Seuss quality to them the compliments the understated text. This is a good choice for someone looking for a picture book that is a little out of the ordinary.

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