Saturday, August 30, 2014

Doctor White

 Cover image for Doctor White
Doctor White
by Jane Goodall
illustrated by Julie Litty
Michael Neugebauer Edition, 2014. picture book

Doctor White is not your usual pediatrician.  He has a furry tail and a little black nose, and he somehow knows which children need him the most.  He cuddles up to them in their hospital beds and occasionally licks their little fevered hands until they get better.  Doctor White's treatments are amazingly effective until one day a health inspector threatens to shut down the hospital unless they get rid of the little dog.  The inspector has a change of heart when his own daughter winds up in the hospital in need of Doctor White's care. This book, written by the world famous naturalist, Jane Goodall, is based on a true story of a London hospital.  It is illustrated with carefully detailed watercolors that capture the hope and sorrow of a pediatric hospital. This is a great choice for those who understand the power of doggie love.

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